Monday , March 19 2018

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Headaches Become A Sign Of Danger

When Your Headaches Become A Sign Of Danger

Headaches are a common disorder of the central nervous system that most everybody suffered from from time to time and away from affecting your mood and energy levels they are normal and harmless, however there are times when headaches can be indicators or an alarming sign for an underlaying health condition that shouldn’t be ignored, here’s how you can tell that your headaches are a sign of danger. 1- Disruptive First Headache with Vision Impairment. It usually struck suddenly and is very painful all of a sudden with Vision problems, it happens when the arteries in your head specially those in your temples get inflammated, this headache is usually throbbing and persistent , it occurs in the upper neck area …

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Yawning Becomes a Sign of Danger

When Yawning Becomes a Sign of Danger

Yawning is an act that all of us along with other living organisms do all the time. Ultrasound images have shown than even babies yawn inside their mothers’ wombs. You yawn involuntarily as your body attempts to provide you with oxygen to overcome fatigue that is usually due to lack of sleep. When you look at someone who is yawning, you can’t help but to yawn yourself. Scientists suggest that yawning is contagious as people long ago might have used it to signal time of sleep to each other. Yawning three to ten times a day is ordinary but when you yawn more than 30 times a day, it might be a sign of danger. What Might Excess Yawning Indicate? …

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