Saturday , February 17 2018

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Unexpected results for Avoiding Dairy Products

4 Unexpected results for Avoiding Dairy Products

Many people don’t like most dairy products, except ice cream and few types of rich-fat-cheese. Moreover, in the last thirty years or so, many people have tried to substitute dairy products with other more expensive, but seemingly healthier plant based products. Nowadays, and after hundreds of research about the various claims about dairy products, scientists have found that avoiding them can have some surprising results which we will list in this article. 1- When you avoid dairy products because they are not healthy, and substitute them with plant based products such as soy cheese, milk and butter, you are more likely to feel gassy and bloated. It is not natural to eat butter which was originally soy beans. These fake …

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Nondairy Richest Sources Of Calcium

Don’t Like Dairy Products? Here Are The Nondairy Richest Sources Of Calcium

Calcium is an important nutrients for our bodies, it is not only needed for the week being of our homes and gums but also for a proper functioning of the nerve system and proper muscle building, calcium deficiency can lead to dangerous health condition such as osteoporosis or osteopenia, the richest sources of calcium are known to be Dairy product, however some people don’t like to Consume Dairy products for several reasons, does that mean they are not getting enough calcium? Fortunately there are many other sources of calcium that don’t include Dairy products and they include:- 1- Milk Alternatives. Milk alternatives are fortified with enough levels of calcium to satisfy your daily need of vitamin D and calcium, cow’s …

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