Monday , March 19 2018


Fertility Boosters For Couples

Seven Fertility Boosters For Couples

If you are trying to get pregnant sooner rather than later, considering the basic fertility boosters for you and your partner can help make your trials easier, things like weight control, and timing intercourses can help a lot to make you successfully conceive. Check out below the most basic eight ways to boost your fertility and chances of conceiving. 1- For Her, Weight Control. Women who are underweight or overweight and obese find it more difficult to conceive than those with ideal BMI , in a study researchers observed the BMI of 2,112 pregnant women, women who had a higher BMI than 25-39 before pregnancy considered obese had twofold increased time to conceive than those who had a BMI of …

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Things Couples Who Stay Together Long Do to Maintain Their Relationship

6 Things Couples Who Stay Together Long Do to Maintain Their Relationship

It has been already proven time and time again that you need much more than love for a romantic relationship to work. So many marriages that were for love failed while others that didn’t start with it succeeded and prevailed. And the reason is the things couples do that make them closer and more attached with time, Such as: 1- They share hobbies. Maybe this seems silly and insignificant but it is the little things that make a difference. Couples who walk, dance, run, play videogames or watch movies together are closer than those who don’t share hobbies. 2- Make small gestures that show the other they are important. Things like writing “I love you” on the mirror before going …

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For a happy relationship in retirement, partners should work together to create a lifestyle that meets their emotional needs and which they both enjoy. After retirement, they can start doing volunteer work to fill their time. There are couples who are considered role models for a healthy relationship in retirement; they find balance between being together and being apart and as a result their marriage flourishes. However, that is not always the case, as not many couples live happily ever after in retirement. They may spend so much time together that they drive each other mad. Retirement can be a major stressor on relationships, since people do not think about interpersonal challenges and get so preoccupied with setting up the …

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