Thursday , February 22 2018

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Natural Masks To Lighten Skin Complexion

Four Natural Masks To Lighten Skin Complexion

If you are looking for natural masks to lighten your skin color and remove dead skin cells while still nourishing and moisturizing your skin away from the harmful chemicals found in skin lightening products then you will surely find this article very helpful, the following masks will reverse the harmful and tanning effect of being exposed to sunlight everyday and get your complexion radiant and glowing in a short time with no side effects at all so read on. 1- Tahini Mask. What you need to prepare this mask is, one tablespoon Tahini paste, one tablespoon rosewater, five drops of almond oil, one tablespoon full cream milk, one teaspoon cornstarch. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl properly, you can …

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