Saturday , February 24 2018

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Coffee Should Be a Basic Part of Your Diet

7 Reasons Why Coffee Should Be a Basic Part of Your Diet

Coffee is a world known popular drink. Almost everyone drink coffee at least once a day. But did you know that there are many reasons why you should make coffee a basic part of your diet? Such as: 1- Coffee increases your weight loss rate. It contains caffeine which enhances metabolism by 11%. This is why caffeine is an essential ingredient of many weight loss medicines. 2- Coffee enhances your brain functions, in other words, it makes you smarter. This happens because caffeine suppresses an inhibitory neurotransmitter named Adenosine, and this leads to an increase in the neurotransmitters which strengthen perception. 3- Coffee prevents neurodegenerative diseases like dementia and Alzeheimer. Doctors have yet to find a definite cause and cure …

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