Sunday , February 25 2018

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Coconut Milk Should Be a Stable Part of Your Life

7 Reasons Why Coconut Milk Should Be a Stable Part of Your Life

Coconut milk is the liquid taken from grated coconuts. It is creamy and delicious and it is used in cooking recipes in oriental countries. Though rich and creamy, it is not fattening and thus is healthy and is recommended for weight loss diets. Moreover, it is a good option for those who are lactose intolerant. If you do not think these are enough reasons for making it a part of your diet, then here are some more. 1- Coconut milk is rich in Selenium. It is an antioxidant which relieves arthritis symptoms by destroying free radicals, and treating and lessening the pain of joint inflammation. 2- Coconut milk is a rich in magnesium. It has about 89 milligrams per cup. …

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Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Milk For Your Hair

Five Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Milk For Your Hair

Coconut milk which is different than coconut water has many surprising beauty benefits that can suffice you from using many chemical products that are costly and carry potential harm for your skin and hair, coconut milk is extracted from mature coconut, the quality carries according to the consistency of the milk, it is used in many dishes as an alternative for real milk. If you don’t know the beauty uses of coconut milk, read the following as we will present to you six of the most wonderful beauty benefits of coconut milk. 1- Coconut Milk Detangles The Hair. Coconut oil has a miraculous ability to Detangles the hair and leave it soft and easily managed, it provide many important nutrients …

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