Sunday , February 18 2018

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Chewing Gum Benefits

Bet you’ve Never Expected Chewing Gum Would Have These 5 Benefits

I bet many people would say after reading this title, “why the heck would she promote a stinky habit such as chewing gum? It makes you look annoying and even sound annoying and sleazy!” Well, I am in favor of chewing gum – not bothering others with it – for the following health benefits: 1- Chewing gum cleans up your teeth. Naturally you need to chew the sugar free types of gum. It helps in cleaning up the plaque layer, It lessens the growth of cavities, and it even makes the hard-working part of your teeth (enamel) stronger. 2- It is a very effective and helpful method for quitting smoking. The larger part in the reason why people go on …

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What Happens When You Swallow Chewing Gum

What Happens When You Swallow Chewing Gum?

Imagine how messed up out a person’s digestive system would be if every piece of gum they swallow by intention or by mistake stays in their gut for seven years as the urban myth suggests. Fortunately, that is not the scenario that takes place inside a digestive system when chewing gum takes a trip through it. The Digestion The first stage of digestion of chewing gum takes place in the mouth where the saliva breaks down some of its carbohydrates and you start swallowing its sugars before you swallow the gum itself. However, the majority of gum ingredients such as resins, waxes, elastomers and fats are indigestible and all parts of the digestive system cannot break them down. The Journey …

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