Friday , February 23 2018

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6 Cartoons That Seem Harmless but Are Totally Inappropriate Power Rangers

6 Cartoon Characters That Seem Harmless but Are Totally Inappropriate

Cartoon Characters are considered by everyone the type of shows everyone could see. Well, it makes sense. After all, if children could see them, who couldn’t, right? However, some Cartoon Characters were made so wrong that they have fallen under the category of “not appropriate for anyone” even if they don’t seem like it. Examples of these Cartoon Characters are in the following lines: 1- Power Rangers. I never liked this cartoon, but that was even before I have become aware of why it isn’t inappropriate. To put it simply, the show is racist. The yellow ranger is Asian and the black ranger is Afro-American.. Really? Not just that, but their powers are lacking and unimpressive! To top it off, …

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