Wednesday , March 21 2018

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Faults to avoid for oily skin care

10 Faults to avoid for oily skin care

Oily skin is a problem for young people as well as adults. Using some types of cosmetics is something that makes this problem worse. Here are things you shouldn’t do if you have an oily skin. – Normal exfoliating helps a lot to make your skin look fresh and clear. However, over exfoliating is not useful as it makes the skin dry out and overproduce the oils needed for moisturizing. – Using creamy cleansers are another mistake you do for oily skin. However, you should use foam-based cleanser if you have oily skin which will be gentle and suitable for oily skin. – Putting a lot of makeup to cover up the shiny skin is not a good thing. Instead, …

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Tips To Care For Oily Skin During The Summer Season

Four Tips To Care For Oily Skin During The Summer Season

Usually women with Oily skin don’t experience sever Aging Signs like wrinkles and flabbiness, but unfortunately Oily skin require more attention and care than any other type of skin and specially in the summer season and hot weather, the heat will cause the skin to produce even more oil which can lead to other skin problems like acne breakouts, therefore it is very important to keep your oily skin very clean all the time and specially during the summer, below are some tips to provide the needed care for your skin during the summer season. 1- Clean Your Skin Twice A Day. One of the first recommendations for women with Oily skin is to keep their skin always clean, however …

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