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Blood Type Affect Your Life

How Does Your Blood Type Affect Your Life?

Your blood type isn’t only something genetic that runs in your body, but it’s also something that has an effect on your health both mentally and psychologically. Although how this personality revealing way works is still unproven like horoscopes, the scientific researches about your physical health are quite valid. In this article, you will be finding out what your blood type has to say about who you are. If your blood type is A The antigens can determine the strength of a hormone that your body excretes. In your case, you have A antigens and the hormone that’s released most is the stress hormone meaning you are more stressful than the rest. The sadder news, though, is that people with …

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Disease Tendencies According To Your Blood Type

Learn About Your Disease Tendencies According To Your Blood Type

Learning about your blood type is not only significant once it comes to transfusion, researches found that, your blood type whether it is A, B AB or O is a genetic factor that actually influences many aspects of your health and well-being. Knowing your blood type is important to learn what foods you should eat and what to avoid, what types of diseases you are at a higher risk to develop according to your blood type and your body’s natural reaction to stress. Just like your blood type interferes with the way your body react to different foods, it also interferes with your tendency to develop some diseases, learning which diseases you can develop due to your blood type will …

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Which Blood Type is in More Vulnerable to Malaria

Which Blood Type is in More Vulnerable to Malaria?

Malaria is a horrific disease caused by Plasmodium falciparum which enters the blood stream through an Anopheles mosquito bite, and applies its damage by making red blood cells stick to each other and to the walls of blood vessels. P. falciparum erythrocyte membrane protein 1 (PfEMP1) which causes the RBCs to clump and obstruct blood flow could be removed using certain enzymes. However, the clumps reduced in some blood types while stayed in others. For instance, blood O group had decreased formation of blood clumps called rosettes while blood A group was unaffected much. This lead the researchers studying this phenomenon to look for something other than PfEMP1 that lead to the clumping of group A blood cells. Studies demonstrated …

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