Tuesday , March 20 2018

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Facts about Blood Clots You Should Know

4 Important Facts about Blood Clots You Should Know

Our blood is meant to clot over wounds for healing purposes, but if blood clotting happens inside one’s veins causing venous throboembolism (VTE), the results can be fatal. VTE is the cause of death of about 300,000 individuals annually in USA; hence, it cannot be taken lightly. Increase you knowledge about blood clots by going through the following facts: 4. Blood Clot Triggers Obesity, drinking alcohol, smoking, confinement to bed for a while, and being over sixty are all factors that put you in the risk of blood clotting. A family or personal history of having blood clots also makes you prone. Two of the less known causes of blood clot are pregnancy and contraceptive pills. Orthopedic and cancer surgeries …

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