Sunday , February 18 2018

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Benefits of Lemons

Top 12 Wonderful Benefits of Lemons

Worldwide, lemons are considered a group of the most resourceful and multipurpose fruits on earth. They are known for their unmatched flavor, aroma, and bright color. Above all, lemons encompass countless benefits that can significantly alter and improve your health. Here is a list of the countless reasons lemons are favorably considered a super-fruit. 12. Balance Your pH While you may think lemons are acidic, surprisingly, lemons are alkaline. In fact, they can help you restore balance to your body’s pH. 11. Cleanse Your Intestines Lemons help in peristalsis, which is the muscle contractions in your intestines. This facilitates bowel movement and gets rid of wastes and toxins regularly. Not only that, but it also helps in relieving symptoms of …

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