Sunday , February 25 2018

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Benefits of Aloe Vera

The 7 Benefits of Aloe Vera That Will Make You Run to Get Some Now

Aloe Vera is a wonderful miracle plant. It has amazing healing properties that work on the inside and outside of our bodies. It can be used for salads, smootheis and topical treatments. When you need to use Aloe Vera, cut a small part (no more than a spoonful) and remove the skin to use the gel like inside. Why? Because it has the following benefits: 1- Aloe Vera is rich in fatty acids and amino acids. You need amino acids for making protein, while the large group of fatty acids contained in Aloe Vera help in reducing cholesterol and improve your immunity against allergies. 2- Did you know that we are vulnerable to diseases because our bodies are usually acidic? …

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