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Actually, it is common for parents to change their children’s sheets in the middle of the night after bedwetting. Pediatricians think of it as childhood hidden problem because it is not talked about outside the house unlike allergies or asthma. Keeping it a secret makes it a tough situation for kids thinking they are the only ones doing it, and this makes them feel worse. Some parents think bedwetting is a result of laziness, but of course it is not. This problem makes a friend’s sleepover very feared, which creates social awkwardness. Understanding the causes of any problem is the first step for solution; there is no single reason for bedwetting but the majority is inherited. In most cases, we …

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Shocked By the Threats Lying in Your Bed

You Will Be Shocked By the Threats Lying in Your Bed

Since we spend a lot of time in bed, it’s very important to be sure about the cleanliness of its sheets for the sake of our well-being. Here’s all you should know about the importance of cleaning your bed sheets. The Things in Our Sheets Little microscopic creatures, known as dust mites, are typically found in every bed. They feed on dead skin, reproduce and die on our beds. Making sure to wash our bed sheets regularly is the only way we can limit the life of these creatures. Unfortunately, bed mites are not the only threat found on our bed sheets. Dead skin, sweat, natural oils secreted by our body, and body fluids such as urine, saliva and blood …

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Foods To Completely Avoid Before Going To Bed

Five Foods To Completely Avoid Before Going To Bed

There are many things in our daily lives that can get you sleep deprived, like stress, work, family issues, health problems and more, but unfortunately food is also one of the factors that can kill your sleep, although no one of us want to hear that, but there are certainly some foods that can trouble your sleep so it is just better to stay away from these types of foods before going to bed, below will be listen five foods you must avoid before going to bed by at least three or four hours, read on and you will find out what those foods are and why you should avoid them. 1- Pizza. Which way is better than having a …

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