Friday , March 23 2018

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Beauty Secrets of Baking Soda

7 Surprising Beauty Secrets of Baking Soda

Beauty products are abundant but sometimes they can be a bit expensive. Your beauty will not be compromised because of a limited budget when you get to know affordable alternatives of beauty products. The alternative in this case, baking soda, is available in your kitchen waiting for you to harvest its benefits. If you are intrigued, read more to discover some beauty secrets of baking soda. 7. Feet Care Homemade baking soda pedicure can give you very satisfying results without costing you a fortune. All you have got to do is soak your feet in 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda along with warm water. For a pleasant scent, add a couple drops of essential oil like lavender to the mix. …

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