Saturday , March 24 2018

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Reasons Why Your Baby's Teeth Are Discolored

6 Reasons Why Your Baby’s Teeth Are Discolored

Temporary teeth are these teeth that start erupting in your baby’s mouth when he/she is six months old until they are two to three years old, and then they fall off later with the eruption of permanent teeth. Many people neglect taking proper care of these teeth since they are temporary. As a result, these teeth might get discolored for various reasons. 1- The enamel layer of the teeth is weak. And this might happen not just because you don’t take enough care of your baby’s teeth. In some cases, malnutrition and even the family’s DNA are responsible as well for the fragility of this layer. 2- Plaque is damaging the teeth. Plaque is the main culprit for almost every …

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