Tuesday , March 20 2018

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Your Baby Has Cradle Cap Learn How to Treat It in 6 Simple Tips

Your Baby Has Cradle Cap? Learn How to Treat It in 6 Simple Tips

Cradle cap is a common thing that happens to infants. It is what happens since they are still getting used to the surrounding environment. The oil glands in their scalps “over do it” resulting in some sort of flakes of dandruff. So if you are a new mom, and your baby has cradle cap, do not panic. You will learn here some simple and effective ways for treating cradle cap. 1- The most common way of treating and removing baby cradle cap is using oil. Rub oil lightly on your baby’s scalp then leave it on for 10 minutes. Then with a baby brush, brush off all the dandruff. This method is fool proof and you can use baby oil …

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