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Odessa Opera Theatre as a Famous European Site


The theatre and the city of Odessa are of the same age as they are built in the same era. Among the numerous cultural institutions found there, the theatre is the elder of them all. Built in 1809, Odessa Theatre’s first performance was in 1810. However, the entire building tragically turned into ashes as it was burnt. Years and years passed and it was re-opened in 1887.

Odessa Opera Theatre was patterned after the style of Vienna “baroque”, the central European theatre for many years. The front of the building of Odessa Opera and Ballet House has a sculptural group with Melpomena, a patron of art, is portrayed ahead along with the four panthers she used to subdue. In order to personify Comedy and Tragedy, two sculptural groups are set at the bottom of the building. Some verses from “Ippolit” as a tragedy are on the left and some verses from “The Birds” as a comedy on the right.The Russian art and literatureare in the air; authors like Glinka and Gogol are there. The hall, which is considered as the most magnificent part of the building, is distinguished by the “rococo” style.

The Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theater has become one of the most famous tourist sites in Europe as established by Forbes Magazine. Looking deeply through the cultural history of the theatre, we will find that it is full of famous names and events. Here, in this moment, we should mention Duke deRichelieu who tried hard to get permission to build the theatre in the city. He is the first governor-general of Novorossiysk Territory and he truly believed in the influence of the theatre on the people. He thought that it would attract them. Actually, the theatre has its own benefits in the fields of culture, finance, and tourism.

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