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The Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in Almeria – Green, Natural, Dry, and Sunny


Almeria is a green, natural, dry, and sunny Spanish province that has unbelievable tourist attractions. The province’s land has unique diversity from green farms to high mountains in addition to Europe’s only desert. The province has 200 kilometers of Mediterranean coasts and historical heritage from different ages. If you want to spend a few exciting days in Europe, try to head to the southeast and visit the real Spain.

The natural reserves for birds, animals, and sea creations are open for tourists from all over the world. The Mediterranean natural reserve of Punta Entinas-Sabinar is a wonderful rest stop for several species of migrating water birds at different times of the year. Another bird protection area that has fascinating fauna and flora is Sierra Alhamilla. You can go there and enjoy the amazing scenes of the colorful birds on holm-oak and pine trees in addition to the amazing hot water of Alhamilla Bathes.

Almeria has several historical and religious architectures representing different civilizations such as Greek, Roman, Muslim, Christian, and Phoenician. The Almeria Cathedral and the church of Santiago are prominent tourist attraction spots in the province. Los Millares is the first discovered archaeological site from the Copper Age. Nowadays, the residents of this village plant these lands to participate in the economic progress in the province.

The deserts of Almeria are very hot in the summer and have modest temperature degrees in the winter. Tabernas desert is an exciting place that has fascinating natural scenes of birds and landscape reflected in many world famous films. The Nijar Natural Park has original volcanic rocks and unique geological features such as the sandy coves and steep rugged cliffs along the coastline. The park has different outdoor activities such as diving and exploring the hidden coves in addition to visiting the historical sites in the park.

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