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The Most Impressive Chinese Cultural Heritage


The Chinese civilization is one of the four ancient civilizations along with Egypt, Babylon, and India. The signs of this ancient, unique, diverse, and rich civilization can be found in most of the Chinese museums inside and outside Hong Kong. In fact, if you are eager to visit the Chinese museums, you will find about 3589 historical, fine arts, and architectural museums around the country. Here is a list of the best historical museums in China

The Museum of Art in Hong Kong is located in Salisbury Road at the complex of cultural venues and includes more than 15700 objects of different historical and modern collections that describe the ancient cultures of China. The museum displays these objects in a regularly updated exhibition in addition to other educational programs to increase the visitors’ knowledge about the arts of the ancient Chinese. All of what you need to see this beautiful exhibition is to get a standard admission and visit the museum anytime between 10 am and 6 pm except on Thursday.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum is another historical exhibition that uses more dynamic and interactive programs. It includes unique Chinese paintings and amazing Chinese designs, Cantonese opera, and intangible heritage. The museum manages three smaller museums, two of them describe the ancient rural life and the third one displays the different stages of the railway transportations in Hong Kong. The original museum is located in Man Lam road at Sha Tin beside the Shing Mun River and receives the visitors every day except Tuesday.

The Museum of History is situated in Kowloon contains about 90000 items displaying the cultures throughout 400 million years from the natural history, archeology, and ethnography of Hong Kong. The museum has two floors and 8 galleries to display about 4000 exhibits. In reality, you will enrich your knowledge with the Chinese history when you visit these museums.

The Chinese Cultural Heritage The Chinese Cultural Heritage The Chinese Cultural Heritage The Chinese Cultural Heritage The Chinese Cultural Heritage The Chinese Cultural Heritage

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