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How to Enjoy with the View of the Wonderful Northern Lights


The Northern Lights are the most fantastic and unique natural phenomenon you have ever seen. You can see these lights from any part of the northern boarders of Norway, Canada, Iceland, Finland, and Switzerland at the winter when the sky is clear from the clouds. This article will give you an idea about such a phenomenon and the best place and time to see it.

The Northern Lights Happens when the gaseous particles collide with the particles of the electrical charges coming from the solar wind when they enter the earth’s atmosphere. The type of gaseous particles defines the colors of the lights. The regular color of the Northern Lights is the pale green happens when the oxygen molecules reach about 60 miles above the earth, but when these molecules reach 200 miles the light’s color turns to be red. You can see these lights with other different colors such as blue, violet, purplish-red, and yellow. Such colors are caused by nitrogen or helium.
Seeing these lights clearly will need a cold and clear night in a tranquil place. If you will see the lights from the Arctic Circle Like in Tromso, north Norway, the best time to see the lights clearly is at the night from September to April. The lights begin at 11p.m. and end at 4 a.m.

The best places to see the northern Lights are the areas near to the magnetic pole. At the western hemisphere of the earth, you can see the lights at the south of New Orleans and the northwestern parts of Canada; especially in Ontario. If you want to see these lights from Europe, you can visit Svalbard and the northern parts of Finland and Norway. You can see irregular Northern lights at other surrounding areas, but you will need to wait for a long time to see the lights clearly.

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