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How to Enjoy your Time in the Lake Windermere


Lake Windermere is the largest natural ribbon lake in England as its length reaches 10.5 miles and one mile width. The lake was formed 13000 years ago and its depth now reaches 120 feet with cold temperature in the winter that may reach 4 degrees and mild temperature at the summer.

Lake Windermere is one of the best and new tourist attractions as it is visited by more than 1400000 tourists every year. When you visit this lake, you will surely find your favorite activity because you will be able to practice water sports, fishing, boating, walking in the wonderful forests, and riding horses. All of hat you need is to get the bus timetable and take a tour around the lake to enjoy the fascinating scenes and define the pots that worth to be visited.

During your tour, you will begin from the historical town of Ambleside with the surrounding mountains and hills. The town has hotels, shops, cafes, youth hostels, a park, a sheltered bay, in addition to the Bridge House.Throughout your way, you will see the Aquarium of the Lakes that contains wild diving ducks. At the southern part of the lake, you will amuse your eyes with the amazing scenes of the green forest and breathtaking wild animals and birds like red squirrels and jays.
The lake itself has 18 small islands that serve the tourists especially near the famous Bowness.

The tourism season in the lake starts from the beginning of the Easter till mid-September. During this period, all of the hotels and tourist services will be crowded. However, if you need to spend a peaceful and quietvacation, you can head to the lake in the period from the end of September to October- but be sure that you have heavy clothes.

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