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How to Enjoy with the Most Interesting walks in Sydney


Spending a few days in Sydney is a wonderful experience for you and your family members; especially if you will explore the fascinating natural views throughout the interesting and famous walks in the city. You can choose your walk according to your favorite sites and the distance you will be able to cut. Just be sure that you will forget the time and be amused by the wonderful scenes.

The Spit Bridge walk to Manly is a long, but very interesting adventure among the natural scenes of the coastal cliffs and the golden yellow sand of the beach. If you will initiate your walk from the spite bridge, you will need to take a bus from Railway Square or Wynyard station early to the bridge.

During your interesting walk, you can take a rest every now and then in a Cliffside restaurant or a lounge to be able to see the diversity of the scenes in Sydney’s harbor. You and your children can swim in the Forty Baskets beach and enjoy a short picnic in the Harbor’s National Park. Your children will be happy when they watch the wildlife and whales in the Pacific Ocean; then you can see a wonderful look of the harbor from Dobroyd Head.

You can try the interesting walk from the Opera House to Luna Park that will increase your knowledge with the historical and amusing sites of Sydney. This walk will let you see the whole beach from the observatory hill and take an interesting picture standing on the Pylon Lookout point. Your excitement will be increased when you see the Archibald fountain, the art gallery, the Boy Charlton Pool, and Mrs. Macquarie’s chair. When you reach Luna Park, you can take a rest to return to the amazing Opera House again.

The Most Interesting walks in Sydney  The Most Interesting walks in Sydney  The Most Interesting walks in Sydney  The Most Interesting walks in Sydney  The Most Interesting walks in Sydney

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