How to decorate a luxurious living room with 2016 interior design ideas


Your living room is a home center of social matters, entertainment, reading and relaxing as well. Where you need to feel comfortable and be in a pretty and luxurious surrounded area. Not just because you are a kind of persons who loves beauty but also to catch the eyes and make people admire your décor work.

In this article, we are going to talk about How to decorate a luxurious living room with 2016 interior design décor. There are basic factors for any interior décor and you have to take care of them all step by step. These factors are the color, furniture, fabrics, lights and accessories. Let’s begin with 2016 living room color; warm and comfortable colors are the popular ones for living room like neutral colors with yellow, pink, red or peaceful blue and now grey is arising on the stage for interior design rooms.

Then, interior living room furniture should offer comfort and welcome atmosphere. 2016 furniture for the living room is available in today’s market with all what you need from styles, designs to colors and materials. As you want to grant your living area with a luxurious look; you may go for two sofas or loveseats placed decoratively with two chairs and a wooden cabinet with glass doors and unique zebra finish, and a coffee table placed in the center with decorative metal and a glass top.

This is a perspective of a luxurious furniture look by one of the 2016 interior designs décor. While the fabrics should be soft and beautiful, you can go simple look with neutral color silk fabric. But if silk is beyond your budget, thus, there is no problem with that you can get the same luxurious look with mimic silk. Then, you can give a rich and dramatic look for this fabric by the colored pillows and accents. A decorative area rug under the table in the center will be a great addition too.

Finally, lights and artwork are the final steps to complete this 2016 luxurious interior design. To enhance the living room warmth, brightness, and beauty, add crystal chandeliers and large pendant lights.

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