Breezy Beach Living Room Decorating Ideas for the New Year of “2016”


It is the beginning of the new year of 2016, it is time to think of your home remodeling, especially, your living room where you gather with family, friends and guests watching TV or enjoying time chatting together. If you want a breezy and relaxing living room atmosphere, let’s read this article to get some ideas how to create a breezy living room with a beach theme for your 2016 living room atmosphere.

When you are about considering a beach living room decoration, wait a second and imagine the whole atmosphere of the beach shore. Of course, you will feel relaxed and calm then you need to see the variety of décor magazine and online checking for more photos and ideas. After having a great knowledge about how to create your 2016 living room breezy beach décor, it is time to begin your remodeling mission.

Above all, the color pallet is the first thing to consider; it is about a beach look and design so there is a variety of wonderful colors to pick from them or set a combination of colors. The variety shades of blues, turquoise, and yellows with oranges and whites are amazing to pick from them. You have to decide which combination will be for the wall and another one for basic furniture and accents. Keep in mind you have not to overwhelm your living room by the colors, to keep the wonderful look of the breezy beach simple and beautiful as the 2016 trends might be.

Basic furniture for a living room is the first way to improve its look and to set the 2016 breezy beach atmosphere you want. There is in the new 2016 market a variety of furniture designs, styles, and curved shapes to fit the breezy beach look you desire. Natural Wood is the ideal choice for this décor from the sofas, table to flooring if possible.

At last, to enhance this look, you need to use some accents to feel like you are already on the beach; Decorative pillows, artworks, vase with flowers, shells handwork and more. Remember also the light fixtures are essential to bring the natural sunny beach inside.

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