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The Amazing Cultures the Different Parts of Asia- Asian Countries


Every country in the world has its own culture depending on its history, geographical location, language, religion, and life style. However, some countries have similar cultures and customs because they experience the same conditions such as the southeastern and western Asian countries. There are large countries such as India, china, and Russia that influenced the cultures of the surrounding countries because they have the oldest and civilizations.

The Asian countries are famous for their original cultures that stem from their deep history. Every block in the continent has similar features and you can hardly differentiate between the arts and customs of its countries. The north eastern countries including china, Korea, and Japan are influenced by the Chinese civilization, architecture, and cuisine. This cuisine is famous for its rice, seafood, noodles, and soy beans in addition to the vegetables with fish sauce and soy sauce flavors. This part of the continent has different languages; yet, most of them are Buddhists.

The southeastern Asian countries include Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, and Brunei. These countries have similar festivals, customs, and cuisine. The flavors of lemon grass, galangal, and coconut milk are clear in their traditional dishes. Most of the people in these countries are Muslims or Christians in addition to the combination of Indian religions. Most of these countries preserve their traditional customs in the different sides of their life such as festivals, ceremonies, and even their dress.

The western Asian countries are influenced by the Arabic, Persian and Turkish civilizations. Most of the Arabian countries are governed by their origin and religion. The official religion for these countries is Islam but there are a considerable number of Christians and Jewish people in the Arabian, Persian and Turkish countries. This diversity in civilizations creates a rich and deep Asian culture.

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