Sunday , June 24 2018

Achieve your Dreams in Lake Las Vegas


Lake Las Vegas is an artificial lake surrounded by luxurious hotels and homes from one side and mountains and desert from the other. Such a lake attracts a large number of tourists in the different seasons of the year; especially the winter when the skating activities begin.

Lake Las Vegas is a Mediterranean inspired oasis lies beside the city of Las Vegas and surrounded by high mountains to give the place a breathtaking look. During the whole year, you can visit the lake and spend a few days of tranquility and serenity away from the accelerating rhythm of life. You will your dream boat for rent from Marina that will fit the number of your family and the speed you need. You can choose a pedal, electric, or canoes boat to explore the coves and enjoy the magical beauty of the lake. If you are eager to spend a romantic and luxurious day, you can rent a yacht cruise and take impressive pictures during the day or the night.

Practicing the ice skating in Lake Las Vegas is one of the most joyful winter activities. In the lake, an ice rink is built on a frozen vegetable base in a plastic tube with a strong freezer system to preserve the coldness of the ice. This system enables about 60 skaters to play together on the rink safely.

Beside the ice skating, you and your family members can enjoy amusing activities such as the night fireworks, the holiday shopping, the Sin City Opera concerts, the lakeside live outdoor music, and the ice center show with five talented ladies that practice the ice skating professionally. If you need to practice personal activities, you can play a round of golf or go shopping in the lake’s unique boutiques.

Lake Las Vegas Ice Skating Lake Las Vegas Ice Skating Lake Las Vegas Ice Skating Lake Las Vegas Ice Skating

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