2016 latest amazing tips to design a beautiful and charming living room


It is pretty obvious that your living room is your social space area in the whole house while you are able to share moments with family, beloved ones and even guests. That’s why 2016 latest guidelines care for giving your wonderful tips to create a beautiful and charming living room.

Let’s discuss together some of these tips of 2016 décor trends that will absolutely enhance your living room beauty and reflect your personality and good taste. First and foremost; you need to identify your living room favorite style or you can benefit from 2016 trends which mix more than one style together with harmony and balancing. This mixed approach of 2016 gives you the best of each style and then the result will be completely and wonderfully satisfied. As examples; Leather sofa with glass table, wooden flooring, and modular items. To know more about this mix, check the variety available online in the today’s market.

Another key factor is color scheme; you need something chic and warm as well. For 2016 living room, it is preferable to go for dramatic and charming color scheme bold colors in trims, white ceiling, and lighter hues on walls. Or as an alternative, you can go for the most inviting color scheme of 2016 which is a combination of peacock blue and coral while the accent color shall be cream or soft yellow. You can add life in your own living area with floral and wild patterns.

Light is the best feature to enhance your living room beauty. You need to care about your living basic illumination along by accent lights which can set specific atmosphere or lovely mood. Window treatment for 2016 living room design makes an outstanding impact and reflects the good taste of the homeowner. It needs to be soft and colorful which can let the natural light through and ensure your privacy as well; floral or colorful curtain’s patterns are the new approach for 2016.

At last, add a wow factor to your living ambiance that will be catchy like a large artwork above a sofa or a sparkly mirror. Moreover, a personal touch to reflect your character by family photos and sentimental objects.

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